About us

Fumigram is provided free of charge mainly for Anime activities. 
We believe that Animation deserves to have a social community of their own and that it would help bring fans together in one place.
We've seen how the world of anime is loved and enjoyed which also has many fans who just love animation.
Yes there are a few out there which is used to watch, download and do a lot more for animation. we agree that all this is indeed true. there are even discord communities, facebook pages and group, reddit communities etc.
Despite knowing all that we have decided to provide our very own - Instagram like platform - that is based on anime and other related activities such as games, movies, manga etc...
We has purposely disregard anything politices news and other real life activities that is known to the world. if you want all those things there are a lot of other companies out there such as FacebookTwitterInstagram and etc.
Our only purpose is to provide a Fun Zone for Anime fans to play and have fun.

Why disregard anything politices

Fumigram is a company that is willing to provide it's community to the world of anime and nothing else.

We do not allow politices related matter because they tend to rick havoc and we do not want to get ourselves involved with other companies problems because of politices.

Fumigram is a fun zone and it is only ment for such purposes. for politices related matters please see to companies listed above.

Post being deleted

Posts that contain anything politices related matter will be deleted without question.

Image that contains, blood, human flesh, death, etc. will be deleted and if user action is repeated by posting our list above! account will be immediately deleted and IP address will be blocked from accessing our platform.

Porn videos or images will be removed without question and user account will be banned and deleted from our database.

Report other accounts

Users that are reported for constantly violating our terms and conditions will be banned from using our service without question or appeal.

Verification of users profile

Users are allow to request for verification anytime upon completion on the activities required to be eligible. to know what you need to do in order to be eligible for verification please see to about fumigram to learn more.

The use of a business account

Every user is granted the right to request for a business account. the business account feature allows you to analyze the state of your account and all users are granted this feature upon request. in order to be eligible for a business account please see to about fumigram to learn more.


This page will be constantly updated based on how we see things.

We're doing this to prevent future issues with the use of our services.

If you do not agree to this terms including our terms of use and policy you're not to use this service and feel free to leave at anytime.